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MLA for Midland
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Brought greetings best wishes to all teams from across MB this weekend in Carman @curlmanitoba

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Congratulations to Kemal Leslie and his entire team @FannexLive on rolling out your new fan interaction app all across North America. More proof of the innovation happening right here in Manitoba and getting Winnipeg closer to becoming the start-up capital of Canada. 👏 twitter.com/winnipegnews/s…

More paramedics in our province is something all Manitobans can be proud of. #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli

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Small business is the backbone of Manitoba’s economy. We are enhancing this tax credit to encourage new investment and support small business success. #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli twitter.com/mbgovbusiness/…

#MBBudget2018 brought great news for small businesses in Manitoba. Our government is keeping its promises. #mbpoli

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#MBBudget2018 #mbpoli twitter.com/min_friesen/st…

We need to be competitive with other jurisdictions to attract investment and skilled professionals. This tax relief will save small businesses up to $6,000 per year. #mbpoli twitter.com/mbgovbusiness/…

Our government recognizes the positive impact of film production in Manitoba! #MBBudget2018 commits nearly $16 million for the Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit #mbpoli

In key economic categories such as manufacturing investment, private capital investment and wage growth, we have moved from near the bottom of the provincial rankings to the top third. We're moving in the right direction! #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli

We promised to deliver $1 billion in strategic infrastructure each and every year. We have kept that promise again in this budget. #mbpoli #MBbudget2018

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