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MLA for Midland
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Thank you to Canadian Kraft Paper Inc. for the facility tour! #mbpoli

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Amazing innovation taking place at the OCN Vertical Farm. Growing nutritious options and educating the region on healthy living. Take a LIVE look on my Facebook Page! #mbpoli

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Please take a moment to view the Northern Manitoba Tourism Strategy online at: 👇👇👇 manitoba.ca/looknorth/stra…

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Currently tourism in Manitoba’s north generates $116 million day in tourism expenditures from 530,000 visitors annually. The goal of the strategy is to increase that to $151 million by 2022. #mbpoli

North of the 53rd parallel, Manitoba has incredible natural assests and is rich in Indigenous culture and history. #mbpoli

Sharing these experiences with travellers from across the province, Canada and the world is an opportunity to enrich the lives of many and contribute their the economic future of the region.” #mbpoli

Along with Travel Manitoba, our government is excited to launch the new Northern Manitoba Tourism Strategy, a five-year plan to increase northern tourism expenditures by $35 million! #mbpoli

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