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MLA for Midland
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Always a pleasure for @PCcaucus to welcome @ypmanitoba to the Legislature with @WayneEwaskoMLA @smith4southdale @BLAIRYAK Scott Johnston, MLA (St James) #mbpoli

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Thank you to Canadian Kraft Paper Inc. for the facility tour! #mbpoli

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Amazing innovation taking place at the OCN Vertical Farm. Growing nutritious options and educating the region on healthy living. Take a LIVE look on my Facebook Page! #mbpoli

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Please take a moment to view the Northern Manitoba Tourism Strategy online at: 👇👇👇 manitoba.ca/looknorth/stra…

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Currently tourism in Manitoba’s north generates $116 million day in tourism expenditures from 530,000 visitors annually. The goal of the strategy is to increase that to $151 million by 2022. #mbpoli

North of the 53rd parallel, Manitoba has incredible natural assests and is rich in Indigenous culture and history. #mbpoli

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